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Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery & Repair:

UniRecovery is very proud of its recovery record from IDE, SCSI and Apple Mac hard disks deemed “unrecoverable” by other recovery companies with humble knowledge & experience. Unrivalled success rate achieved is partly due to the importance it places on cutting edge technology of data recovery services.

A hard drive casing should never be opened up, unless in a cleanroom controlled environment. A single speck of dust entering a hard disk could cause fatal results. Hard disk fabrication requires a ‘Class 100’ Clean Room and UniRecovery undertakes all laptop hard drive data recoverey work in Clean Rooms ‘Class 100’ and ‘Class 10’. Commonly established, recovery from “Clicking” hard disk drives, can also be achieved under these specialised Clean Room conditions.

UniRecovery is capable of recovering data from the following cases of data loss due to Physical-Mechanical, firmware or Logical damage with problems such as:

  • Formatted Drive.
  • Drive not spinning.
  • Inaccessable Data.
  • Clicking drives
  • Inaccessible Drive; "Drive Not REcognised by BIOS".
  • Primary hard disk failure / Secondary hard disk failure.
  • Inaccessible boot device.
  • Unable to access drive "X"
  • Disk error, press any key.
  • Corrupt or Damaged Partition Table.
  • Drive Not Booting Missing File/Directory Deleted File/Directory.
  • Device not ready, reading drive "X"
  • The drive no longer recognized by the BIOS after rebooting, despite the platters spinning.
  • Operating system not found / missing operating system.
  • The BIOS recognizes the drive but with garbage parameters.
  • The BIOS recognises the drive but the data is inaccessible.
  • Grinding or clacking noises, normally associated with electro-mechanical failure.
  • The drive reports bad sectors.
  • Corrupt data.
  • Lost data.
  • Formatted, Fdisked, partially re-loaded hard disk drives.
  • NTLDR is missing, Press any key to restart
  • Replace disk and press any key to continue
  • Permanently deleted files, bypassing the recycle bin


HDD Drives

Maxtor Drives Maxtor IDE

Fujitsu Drives Fujitsu IDE

Hitachi Drives Hitachi Laptop
Hitachi IDE

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External Drives Data recovery:

Formatting a hard disk drive:

Hard disk drive consists of a mechanical part (HDA) head-and-disk assembly and a (PCB)

IDE Hard Drive data recovery Technical Information:

SATA Hard Drive data recovery Technical Information

IDE x SCSI hard disk drives Data recovery The Main Hard Drive Interfaces

Firewire Hard disk Drive data recovery

Magnetic media Hard disk drives:

Partitioning Hard Disk drive

SCSI hard disk drive data recovery

USB Drive Data Recovery:

External Hard Drives

External Hard Drives are Becoming More Popular

    External hard drives are becoming very popular today as a means of backing up data replacing CD-RWs and even tape drives. Most of the major hard drive manufacturers are now offering external hard drives as part of their product line.

    Some external hard drives contain a special chassis that not only protects the drive from vibration and shock, but allows the drive to be mounted vertically or stacked, one external hard drive over another. External hard drives are also engineered to dissipate heat. Some external hard drives are hot-pluggable, and feature both an IEEE 1394 "FireWire" interface as well as a USB 2.0 connector.

External Drives Great for System Back Ups

    There are external hard drives designed to allow users to back up their data with the push of a button. Users can schedule backups and do basic restores of data. Some external hard drives have a backup button that lights up when first used, then fades out when the backup is completed. There are also external hard drives which back up all of the data on the drive when first used, then update the backup with new files or changes that are made to the stored data.

External Hard Disk Drives provide great flexible storage option and security by providing a mobile backup option.

With storage capacity running in hundreds of Gigabites, with high rates of data transfer, in addition to the flexibility to plug the external drive to a Laptop, Desktop, Server, Camera or ipod and sold at reasonable prices have increased their popularity dramatically.

However, as the popularity of the external drives containing backups and valuable data are increasingly failing for no apparent reasons. Majority of these failing drives are often of well known commercial brands such as Lacie, Freecom and Omega and with the latest high capacity Maxtor, Seagate or Western Digital hard disk drives models with storage capacity exceeding 320Gb or even 400Gb on a single drive.

The given hard disk drive Models are the cheapest, not fully tested with such hi capacity and worse brands available

Generally, inside the slick casings, often are poorly ventilated or even not ventilated at all, external hard drives assemblers include the cheapest available drives. If this set up is combined with badly ventilated casing, the combination is catastrophic for any given user, especially when the hard disk drive is of high capacity containing crucial back-up data.

For any given Lacie with multiple drives, this can be a terrible experience with RAID drives and data in excess of 1 terabite. Often with RAID array external drives, the drive failure are more frequent and the damage is more extensive than single drives. Many of the 1 terabyte LaCie external drives contain 250Gb Maxtor IDE in RAID array, inside casing, so badly ventilated, that if they are used regularly, especially within office environment, they are utterly disastrous.


Hitachi has unveiled a drive which has reached the new heights of one terabyte (TB). Its drive looks like any other, but uses perpendicular magnetic recording to make space for all that data.

The current technology generation of LRT-Longitudinal Recording Technology, which records the bits laying horizontally, has been superseded by the recording of the bits standing vertically.



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Our Guarantees : Our Cleanroom Class 10:
  1. NO-FIX, NO-FEE data recovery Service:
    Simply No Data-No Money
  2. Fixed Rates on all recovery services, irrespective of the cost & time it takes to recover.
  3. capability to recover data from loss caused by power surges, Unable to boot, Invalid media, BIOS errors, Partition corruption, Virus attacks, Data corrupted, Hard drive failure, faulty pcb, Firmware damage repair, Hard disk crash, Accidental deletion, software or system malfunction, lightening, fires, floods, sabotage, user errors, accidental format, deletion, repartitioning.
  4. Door-to-Door collection & delivery all included in our fixed rates.
  5. Emergency Recovery Services: in order to get you back up and running with the shortest possible delay.
  6. No diagnosis Fee for Digital card & Memory stick data recovery & .pst & .edb extraction and Outlook Email Recovery
  7. A specialist team of RAID server with qualified data recovery engineers specialized in variety of systems including , Apple MAC, Linux & Unix and Windows.
  8. To maintain the highest standard of work environment with the use of Clean rooms within all our laboratories, in which air quality complies with the applicable standards BS 5295, ISO 14644-4 and Federal Standard 209.
  9. Extensive experience and expertise in recovering data from ‘inaccessible’ hard drives.
  10. Data recovery from SCSI HDD, RAID, SAN or NAS servers, Mirrored and Striped Volume, Exchange Servers, Backup Tapes, floppy diskettes, Zip, Optical Media. in addition to .gdb, .ib, .fdb, .fpt & Oracle DataBase along withemail files such as .edb, .stm, .mbx, .dbx, Outlook .pst, .ost file extensions.
  11. Complete discretion with regards to client data protection, 100% Confidentiality Assured.
  12. Free post-recovery customer services: providing you with measures to prevent similar losses in the future in cluding consultations on data security issues and backups.
  13. A specialist team of forensic data recovery experts for litigation cases & professional data deletion.

Our advanced laboratories are equipped with Clean Rooms rated as ‘Class 1000, 100 & 10 ’ where there exists no more than 1000 particles; and ‘Class 100’ where there exists no more than 100 particles whereas with "Class 10", less than 10 particles of 0,5 µm found in our Cabim-Flow which is of "Class 10".

The air quality of the Clean Rooms complies with the applicable standards BS 5295, ISO 14644-4 and Federal Standard 209. Hard disk fabrication requires a ‘Class 100’ Clean Room and UniRecovery undertake all laptop hard drive recovery work with brands whether external drives such as Lacie, Freecom, or Omega or internal such as Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Samsung, Compaq, HP, Fujitsu, Quantum and IBM in Clean Rooms ‘Class 10’. Commonly established, recovery from “Clicking” hard disk drives, can also be achieved under these specialised Clean Room conditions.



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